What Are The Other Names Of Fake Food

Fake food toys The colourful play foods are constructed of robust plastic fake food and can endure hard play from children. Kids of all ages will enjoy role-playing with these fake food toys, which can be used in a pretend grocery store or as a dinner for their dolls.Toy dishes and fake food set  for […]

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If you have ever been to Japan, you might have seen plastic models of food in the windows of restaurants, displaying the edible counterparts that lay within. These are called ‘sampuru’ or ‘sample’ and have been part of the Japanese economy and food culture for nearly one hundred years. Though there is some debate on […]

Making Plastic Food in Osaka, Japan

Making Plastic Food in Osaka, Japan

Of all the strangest blog titles I never thought I would be drafting, this one perhaps takes the biscuit (apologies for the pun, which you will soon learn is all too relevant). In truth, alongside my recent article about the bush walk to the nudist beach in Croatia, this surreal moment in Japan ought to have won […]

Culinary art: Japan's fascinating plastic food

Culinary art: Japan’s fascinating plastic food

They may look tempting, but we wouldn’t recommend tasting them: they’re examples of “Sampuru” – plastic fake food used in shop windows and display counters in Japan to lure in customers. Display CBS NEWS These plastic menu items are a tradition in Japan, where for the past several decades they’ve helped overcome language barriers, while […]

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Life in plastic, it’s fantastic: Japan’s ‘fake food’ looks tastier than real food

They may look good enough to eat, but Japan’s mouthwatering food replicas are only for show as restaurateurs compete for the attention of hungry customers. Noriyuki Mishima, a craftsman at Fake Food Hatanaka, spraying paint on a plastic food replica that restaurants across Japan put in their display windows to lure hungry crowds, at the […]

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