What Are The Other Names Of Fake Food

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Fake food toys

The colourful play foods are constructed of robust plastic fake food and can endure hard play from children. Kids of all ages will enjoy role-playing with these fake food toys, which can be used in a pretend grocery store or as a dinner for their dolls.Toy dishes and fake food set  for toddlers, kids kitchen food, play grocery, store food, cutting play food, toy dishes, vegetable food, toy grocers, pretend food for children.

The fake food , display food, and plastic foods are the market leaders. Fake meals that are realistic and of quality. Forgery fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood, humorous spills, replica drinks, cheese, food sets, and other items.

Tiny fake Food

Tiny fake food is a smaller-scale duplicate of a dish than the original. It might take the shape of an inedible toy or an edible meal manufactured from the same components as the existent dish, confectionery, or another substitution, and complete with an actual working tiny kitchen and cookware. Food in miniature is an example of miniature art.

Fake Nuts Food

The fruits of the cashew, almond, and pistachio trees are not genuine nuts but rather “drupes,” which are fleshy on the surface and have a shell covering a seed on the inside.

Peanuts, along with soybeans, lentils, and chickpeas, are classified as legumes. Unlike nuts, most legumes come in self-opening pods that, depending on the species, may or may not grow underground. These are called fake nuts food.

Mini Fake Food

mini fake food comes in two varieties: inedible and edible. Plastic, glue, card, modelling paste, and other household objects get used to creating inedible food miniatures. Many polymers have been authorised for food contact, allowing them to get used as food packaging.

Terephthalic Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

PET gets used in soft drink and single-use water bottles, food-grade containers, bakery trays, snack packs, vegetable containers, and other applications.

Replica food

Imitation meals are more than just replicas of menu items. It is a very effective tool for restaurants to attract guests.Our replica food cuisine, which is meticulously recreated one-of-a-kind by the skilled hands of our artisans, looks even more realistic than the real thing, instantly stimulates the hunger of people who see it, and motivates potential diners to place an order at the restaurant.

Artificial Decorate fruits

The artificial decorative fruit are love infinity rubber grapes, decor fruits, crystal hanging grapes, danir white foam fruit, global harvest pumpkins, etc.

Food Model

Food model (shokunin Samburu), often known as fake foods or food samples, are models or replicas of food items made of plastic, wax, resin, or another same substance. In Japan, these sculptures are frequently used in restaurant streets of fake display food to illustrate the meals served inside.

Fake food for display

Fake food for display refers to food that is visible to the consumer before the customer makes a selection, as long as the customer does not have a reasonable expectation of further preparation before eating.


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